Our AI helps to solve the problems of unstructured data

With so much unstructured data, it is impossible to manage business risk and compliance without the power of AI. Our cloud -based AI tools provide instant insight into your data, whilst our data protection tools will get your business compliant faster.

Our applications help make compliance simple

Anyone can become a data expert with our innovative & intuitive applications, helping businesses meet the requirements of the latest data privacy & GDPR compliance. All powered by Osprey our purpose built AI engine, utilising machine  learning and AI functionalities


With embedded AI and data protection tools, our Smartbox makes light work of many data protection tasks that previously required many hours of expensive human interaction


Osprey is the AI power behind our tools. We make use of the latest micro-services and encryption tools, so processing data is not only secure but lightning fast


Assessments equip Data Protection Officers with the tools they need  to carry out structured, repeatable Data Protection Impact Assessments 

Asset register

Keep track of both digital assets and all assets with our flexible asset register application

Document locker

Store all your more important company policies in the purpose built document locker with built in version control and expiry management, never go out of date again

Our DSAR tracking tool allows business to keep track of all DSARs in one dashboard, and follow a predefined workflow, combined with Smartbox, save over 80% of review and management time

Our team help make your life easier

Our data experts and developers are full of bright ideas, and we love to help,

Our Smartbox will save you so much time

We're launching Smartbox, the very clever storage solution for sensitive data. Become a beta customer today and get up to 60 days free. Call us today on 0203 858 0636 or go to the Smartbox.AI site to find out more.

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