Your Single View of Risk

Gravicus helps organisations understand the data they hold and where it sits. You reduce risk and cost while achieving regulatory compliance.


Of the world's data is unstructured, and estimated to rise to over 90% by 2020


The most serious data violations could result in fines of up to €20 million


A data breach will have to be reported within 72 hours of you becoming aware

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The unstructured data analysis platform

Using a multitude of AI capabilities, it is purpose built to analyse, organise and act upon unstructured data. Osprey connects to data sources, indexes the data (like a search engine does) and enables users to run analysis which can be used to reduce costs and risks, whilst gaining insights and value from the data.

Discover and act on PII

Using advanced AI and data management capabilities, Privacy makes it simple for governance and compliance departments to highlight Personally Identifiable Information and produce detailed risk reports.

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Simply Smart AI Driven Assessments

Assessments equip Data Protection Officers with the tools they need to carry out structured, repeatable Data Protection Impact Assessments and automatically create compliance ready reports.

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Turnaround SARs in record time

Subject request allows organisations to demonstrate compliance as well as ensure record keeping of Subject Access Requests, be they from customers, employees or other third parties associated with their organisation.

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Identify Risk at Source

Mailroom helps our customers identify PII risk in mail as soon as it comes into the company, so employees can be easily reminded to treat it with care. Osprey's on-the-fly analytics makes seamless integration with existing solutions like Kofax easy.

Rationalise Your Storage Estate

With volumes of data within organisations exponentially increasing, Clean-Up allows IT departments to analyse and organise Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) data and act upon it by either archiving off to less expensive locations or deleting it all together.

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