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AI-powered data privacy and compliance technology

Gravicus launches utilizes AI to help businesses generate significant savings in time, cost and resources whilst improving measurability and compliance when managing sensitive information within unstructured data.

80% of the World’s data is unstructured

Unstructured data includes email, SMS, chat systems, contracts, CV’s and much more. Making sense of and organising that data to comply with new data protection regulations can be an expensive minefield. At the same time, the limited tools available to businesses are expensive, and require costly expertise.

Privacy is global

Approximately 90% of the developed world has or is starting to introduce privacy and data protection laws which include the rights of the individual to access their information. Research suggests that global Information Governance spending will reach $20bn by 2020.

Data doubles each year

For businesses to manage business risk and meet compliance regulations around sensitive data without the power of artificial intelligence. Our cloud-based AI and data protection tools provide instant insight into your data helping businesses to understand their risk and act upon it easily and quickly.

Smart solutions are our mission

Our innovative & intuitive applications have been purpose-built to analyse, organise and act on unstructured data in a way that makes the complex seem simple.


Helping businesses generate significant savings in time, cost and resources whilst improving measurability and compliance within unstructured data.

Asset Register

Monitor and manage both digital and physical assets with our flexible asset register application.


Osprey is the AI power behind our tools. We make use of the latest micro-services and encryption tools, so processing data is not only secure but lightning-fast.

Document Locker

Store all your more important company policies in the purpose built document locker with built in version control and expiry management.


Assessments equip Data Protection Officers with the tools they need  to carry out structured, repeatable Data Protection Impact Assessments.

Requests Tracker

The information requests tool allows businesses to keep track of all requests in one dashboard with a customisable workflow.

Built by data professionals

Our data experts and world-class development team are full of bright ideas, and love to help.

Save cost, improve compliance

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