Your data’s first line of defence.

Gravicus helps organisations reduce their risk with Osprey, our data analysis platform. It gives direct insight into the unstructured data that lives within your company.


Modern Issues for Organisations

The challenges around managing data is that it’s spread all over, often in many different formats collected in varying processes. Data is one of the biggest assets to any organisation, it enables a business to have a direct analysis of activity and it requires the necessary protection.


Osprey Platform

Anyone can become a data expert with our innovative & intuitive Toolbox. Fully meeting the requirements of the latest data privacy & GDPR compliance. The Osprey Platform is purpose-built, using machine learning and AI functionalities to identify risks and give a business key data insights.



Discover and Act on Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Using advanced AI and data handling, Privacy makes it simple for governance and compliance departments to highlight Personally Identifiable Information and produce detailed risk reports.

01. Connect

Connect your data sources to gain a detailed & true insight into potential unstructured data threats.

02. Identify

Our engine identifies personal data by collecting, scanning and classifying using the latest in AI tech.

03. Monitor

Data collections & priorities are easily determined automatically or with set filters.



Manage PI/DPI Assessments and Bespoke Builder

Assessments equip Data Protection Officers with the tools they need to carry out structured, repeatable Data Protection Impact Assessments and automatically create compliance ready reports.

01. Capture

Create scheduled reoccurring DPIA's to ensure your data is being correctly managed with detailed reports.

02. Examine

Create Business Processes around data handling and DPIA's too specific users or across multiple departments.

03. Create

Build your own custom PI and DPI assessments with version control and detailed form option customization.

Take the next step to getting your organisation regulator compliant

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