Who are Gravicus?

A simply smart SaaS Provider that all businesses can depend upon to deliver an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution which enables them to achieve regulatory compliance, reduce costs and reduce risks.

Data volumes in modern organisations are increasing exponentially. Much of that data is “Unstructured” i.e. human written, as opposed to values in a database. Managing this data by hand is untenable.


Our core values

Osprey Cloud GDPR Resouce Centre
Osprey Cloud GDPR Resouce Centre

Keep it simple

At the core of everything we do is our desire to keep things as simple as possible, enabling our customers to quickly gain clear insight into their data, and to help them discover new ways to use it.

Keep learning

Our team will always remain ahead of the learning curve for data compliance and business regulation to continuously provide the best solutions. We give our people the time and space to learn and develop – always working together to respect one another’s unique skills, knowledge and perspective.

Keep innovating

We are committed to using cutting edge technologies to experiment with new ideas and standards that ensure Gravicus data applications provide a complete solution now and in the future.

Gravicus is a member of the FSB, a UK network of business experts that provide leading services.


It’s an exciting time to join Gravicus. With an amazing product range in development, and our first purpose-built applications launching later this year, were on the look out for people that can help drive our business forward.

Our business is building simple to use, smart tools that allow our clients to make sense of their unstructured data. Giving them opportunities to get more out of their data, and helping their business be compliant.

Were looking for people with a can-do and want-to attitude. As a young growing company, we are busy… really busy! From building our team, developing our culture, designing and developing our new tools, refining plans, managing budgets – it’s all systems go.

If you have bags of enthusiasm, plenty of energy, and a penchant for making the complicated simple, then we’d love to hear from you.