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About Us

Gravicus Technologies Ltd is a private company that designs, builds and delivers smart technology solutions for real business issues. It uses cutting edge technology to build easy to use, fast tools that make technology accessible and affordable. As part of our market research, check out ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Data Explosion’ to discover our survey findings.

Ben Gowers

Founder | CEO

A pioneer in bringing cutting-edge document solutions to the legal sector and successful serial entrepreneur. He was a founder of IGL Legal Document Solutions in 1995 and sold in 2000. In the same year founded City Docs, a Litigation Support Company, and in 2005 founded Trilantic the first UK eDiscovery company. In 2010 Trilantic was sold to Huron Consulting Group. Exited and sold shareholding in City Docs in 2012. Investing and taking a board position in Omnis Dubai during 2013, he disposed of his shareholding in 2016 to the Management Team.

Mark Callahan

Founder | COO

With a degree in computer science, Mark has over 20 years of experience in software development, sales and leadership positions in companies ranging from start-ups to the biggest in the industry. Having helped pioneer the use of AI in litigation document review, Mark went on to lead the Information Governance initiative at several businesses and is recognised as one of the foremost experts in the field. Having recognised a gap in the market and technology in the area, Mark built the Osprey platform which powers all Gravicus offerings.

Anthony Rawlinson


A successful international fund management professional and private equity investor with a global perspective and reach. Anthony has extensive board experience on both listed and unlisted companies particularly in the technology sector. He specialises in capital raising, creating strategic alliance partnerships and exit planning.

Our Products

The first software release – – solves the issues that companies have with reviewing and redacting large volumes of documents. New legislation, including GDPR and DAC6, are forcing businesses and government departments to access and manage unstructured data in a way that can only be actioned utilising AI technology or wasting many human hours.’s data analysis platform is easy to use and helps businesses find, organise, act and protect unstructured data. It has a ‘drag & drop’ cloud solution, with the feel of something similar to Dropbox, but integrated with the power of AI technology for redaction, document review tools, and workflows. Users are able to import or drag files directly in to a ‘new folder’. 

Once the data is analysed, the folder administrator is able to auto-redact all non-subject personally sensitive information; search and highlight all other relevant information; and share with other ‘data stakeholders’ to review and make notes on the progress. All of this is performed in the cloud and all users are recorded in their access, making this a secure and auditable process. Read More.

Our News

Press Release – launches 1st September 2020

Media Advisory – Research Findings 2020

Media Advisory – Chairman 2020

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Ben Gowers

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