Osprey DPIA - Simply Smart Impact Assessments

Data Insights on how data is collected, stored, used, transmitted, shared & protected


A defensible solution with approve & lock features upon completion of the DPIA questionnaire to ensure the final report is scored at a specific point in time to show regulators the answers and scores based on the facts at the time the DPIA was performed.

Visualization tools specially designed for a quick understanding of the risks involved with the data processing in question

Data Insights on how data is collected, stored, used, transmitted, shared & protected

Part of a growing platform of smart, scalable tools to tackle a variety of business problems, from a simple data cleanse to managing regulatory risk, up to e-discovery, archiving & M&A Due Diligence. Osprey DPIA will link to Osprey Privacy to provide real evidentiary context to support DPIA answers through AI to determine the data which belongs to a given Business Process

User-friendly starting point for data compliance that’s aligned to the requirements as defined in the WP29 Guidelines for Data Protection Impact Assessments

Easy to follow step-by-step assessment tool that securely guides the Data Controller through business process/project analysis & allows for multiple users from different departments, teams or projects to input

Repeatability demonstrates intent; an organisation may not be scoring 100% on its DPIAs but it will have a history of DPIAs undertaken for any given Business Process, as Osprey DPIA can demonstrate that an organisation is working towards GDPR compliance.

Best in class with continuous improvements being made through user feedback & analysis

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Osprey DPIA - the smart data solution that’s driven by AI and purpose-built to analyse unstructured data across your organisation. The simple to use web interface provides insight into valuable information assets to help manage compliance and regulatory risk as well as create strategies for cyber risk, data cleansing and intelligent migration projects.


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