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Our scalable risk assessment platform introduces a definitive approach to identifying risks within the business's processes. PIAs & DPIAs as well as business project risks are identified and demonstrate a compliance

Audit, assurance & accountability

Create scheduled reoccurring DPIA's to ensure your data is being correctly managed and receive detailed reporting.

Department & User management

Create Business Processes around data handling and DPIA's too specific users or across multiple departments.

Build custom questionnaires

Build your own custom PI and DPI assessments with version control and detailed form option customization.




As simple as 1,2,3..

Osprey Assessments is a secure functional step-by-step question/answer tool that guides you through business processes & project analysis. Assessments has been specifically designed to allow for multiple users to simultaneously complete business process analyses.


With GDPR and global data rulings now fully enforced; organisations that receive, hold or share personal data are legally required to adopt a privacy by design approach. Our "ready to go" WP29 assessments tool ensures you can evaluate & mitigate for data risks.


Question Builder

Within Osprey Assessments you can create custom questions, ideal for specific business processes and projects giving answers definable weighted scores. Our pre-loaded PIA and DPIA questions allow for immediate insights into GDPR and data privacy compliance throughout a business.

Data Value Insights

With data being the biggest asset in an organisation; its performance needs to be evaluated and managed accordingly for both regulatory and value purposes. Our solution means business processes and decisions can be agreed upon quicker.



Repeatability demonstrates intent; a fundamental factor of data compliance. Having a history of DPIAs undertaken for any given business process will ensure a working objective to be compliant.


Our tools are intuitive & scalable to help organisations achieve success and boost performance. With the platform's flexibility and dynamism, it is the essential tool for your organisation; driving efficiencies and boosting performance whilst striving to achieve compliance.

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