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Our platform tools provide continuous insights into your business's unstructured data using a multitude of AI capabilities. It will analyse, search and highlight sensitive or personal data. Osprey then continually monitors data changes and alerts you to new risks.

Analyse multiple data sources

Connect your data sources to gain a detailed & true insight into potential unstructured data threats.

Automatically identify multiple PII

Privacy identifies personal data by collecting, scanning and classifying using the latest in AI advancements.

Ongoing monitoring of your data

Data collections & priorities are easily determined automatically or with set filters.




Data Sets

Osprey will connect to multiple data sources (connectors), and systematically begin to root out the unstructured and potentially sensitive data concealed within.

We link with a variety of connectors such as:

Filesystems, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint, MS Exchange and many others..


We install Osprey Privacy on-site under supervision to reduce data threats. Any suspect sensitive or personal data found by the platform will be quarantined and an alert notification sent.


AI Engine

Our focused "crawl & return" AI engine, sources the unstructured data to discover the personal & sensitive data quickly and definitively within your file systems. Data is targeted using natural language processing, metadata, topic detections and classified into related indexes.

Data Value Insights

The more data fed into Osprey the more unstructured data you can subtract. Osprey filters, learns and classifies the data and transforms it into meaningful information enhancing business decisions and reducing the probability of local & global data contraventions such as GDPR.



Our easy to view dashboard presents the topic classifications as well as any sensitive data in a conclusive , actionable method. This reporting instrument allows Subject Access Requests (SARs) for example to be completed with ease.


Remain fully in control of your data and business threats; Osprey seamlessly and continuously searches your data sources for new potential threats and immediately alerts you; essential for maintaining a defensible compliance position.

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