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September 1, 2020 Launches

Sep 1, 2020 | Company News Smart SaaS Bulk Data Management Solution
One of the first SaaS-based intelligent data management software; Enhanced Document Redaction

LONDON, 1 September 2020: Gravicus Technologies Limited (Gravicus) is today launching, a fast, simple to use way for businesses to securely store and manage large amounts of sensitive information. provides an easy subscription process and a drag and drop interface helping to get users ready-to-go in minutes, without the need for complex on boarding. It has been developed with the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies that enable smarter and quicker access to data. It uses intelligent data management techniques that analyses customer data when it is dropped into and will help customers review and edit documents:

  • Faster: in a recent test the system was able to redact 20 gigabytes (just under 100,000 documents and emails) of data in a matter of minutes, whereas by hand this would have taken months.
  • Cheaper: in a typical Subject Access Request (SAR), can reduce total processing cost by more than half.
  • Better: is designed to be defensible in its process, so users can trust the results and provide more accurate output than a manual document review. currently operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for optimum security and features an enhanced redaction tool to help businesses protect the sensitive information of its customers and employees. can transform the time and costs that SARs currently cause businesses. The current enterprise solutions available can cost £150k and above, while offering limited amounts of storage. is a more affordable solution and, being cloud-based, gives access to unlimited amounts of storage.

Gravicus was recently awarded a loan through the Future Fund initiative announced by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak in April 2020, which was invested alongside funds from private investors.

Following a six-month survey of UK businesses in 2019, Gravicus developed to address the overwhelming need by businesses to securely store, quickly access and manage unstructured data. According to those surveyed, the cost and time of fulfilling SARs since the implementation of GDPR in 2018 has become a rising challenge, with even small GP surgeries receiving up to 20 SARs per month, and larger organisations having to process up to 1,000 SARs per month. Many of these are still performing essential redaction and privacy checks manually with pen and paper.

CEO of Gravicus, Ben Gowers said, “ was built to solve the growing issues of data management, storage and privacy that GDPR requires. It uses the latest machine learning and AI technology to provide a fast, scalable and easy to deploy solution that costs much less than traditional enterprise solutions. We will be launching more tools in the future to change the potential of data, from a headache to a benefit.”

This first release of is primarily aimed at solving the issues that companies have with reviewing and redacting large volumes of documents, primarily for the purpose of servicing SARs. Further releases of the software will be looking to disrupt the stagnant data storage marketplace.

Gravicus Technologies Ltd is a private company that designs, builds and delivers smart technology solutions for real business issues. It uses cutting edge technology to build smart and fast tools that make technology accessible and affordable. It was founded in 2017. Company registration no: 10523409

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